Blow Pong or Puff Ball?

Blow Pong or Puff Ball? 


The “On The Campus” column of Oct. 29 tells all about a Ping Pong blowing contest which must have sounded new to a lot of alumni. 

However, way back in the early thirties we used to play it with two couples on each team, lined up across the table with the net in place and all players on just one side of the net trying to blow the ball off the other side. No score if it went off the end. 

We called it “puff ball” and it was great fun, but it did have one serious drawback. It was a sure way to transmit colds and strep throats across the table. No doubt we could have kept the game alive if we had only thought of gargling with beer after each point. 


Southern Pines, N.C.