Nassau Cheer

Nassau Cheer 

Dear Sir: 

HERE is a suggestion that might interest our cheerleaders. While in Holland this year, I was instructed on how to cheer Nassau and Orange Boven, in the manner in which the Queen is cheered on state occasions.

The accent on Nassau is placed on the first syllable-not on the last as with us. It should be GNA-sau! (very short) Orange Boven is pronounced Oranje (sec­ond syllable pronounced “juh” followed by Boven.

Would it not be a good stunt between halves of the Yale game to entertain the crowd by a group of students dressed as Dutch Nobles cheering their King or Stadt­holder?

By the way, who was the sovereign of Holland that is supposed to have given Princeton some money, and helped to estab­lish the Dutch tradition?

Apparently Princeton stands ace high in Holland. I landed at the Hague (Graven­hage) at the height of the season-the shore resort going full blast and the hotels packed. Worse still I landed at two in the morning. I was turned away when I thought of something. I said to the clerk, “I graduated from Princeton, where, you know, Holland is greatly esteemed and our cheer is for Nassau, like yours.”

He thought a moment-then said “We do have the bridal suite vacant. You can have it at the price of an ordinary room!” And so, in a spacious suite, I reclined on flow­ery beds of ease and partook of mezzanine breakfasts and late suppers! 


Emporia, Kansas