In Response to: Tiger Tales

I thought this poem might serve to entertain my fellow Tigers, in this time of corona.

The Tiger Counsels the Bulldog  

I note you are a Yalie, friend, 
I do forgive you that. 
Not everyone’s cut out to be, 
A lithesome Tiger Cat.  

Your school is in New Haven, 
In that hidebound Nutmeg State, 
While Princeton is a garden spot, 
Old Nassau is first rate.  

What does the pug-faced bulldog do, 
But bark and slobber drool? 
While Tigers growl a fearsome roar, 
And do their domains rule.  

I offer you a chance, my friend, 
To shed that Yalie blue, 
Join the Princeton Seminary, 
And spread the good word too.  

J. Michael O’Neil ’64
Manchester, Conn.