It is once again time to vote for Princeton alumni trustees. It is wonderful to know that alumni are represented on the board of trustees of our University. Unfortunately, I find myself facing the same dilemma as in all previous elections — I have no reasonable basis for choosing one candidate over another. In the election material online, the ­candidates have their biographies and credentials listed. All of them, not surprisingly, have an ad­mirable record of accomplishments. Nowhere, however, do they describe their vision for the University. What should I base my vote on, then? The number of awards a candidate has received? Whether I like lawyers or engineers better? Some arbitrary definition of diversity based on their looks or background? Is a venture capitalist a better choice than a military officer?

I ask the Committee to Nominate Alumni Trustees to have future candidates describe their vision for the University. The trustees must decide many important questions. If the views of alumni are to be represented, as I be­lieve is the goal in having alumni trust­ees, then alumni must be made aware of the views of their representatives.

Carlos Niederstrasser ’94