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Apr.2, 2008

Vol. 108, No. 11

Sampling new courses

In response to: From oil politics to neuroethics, a sampler of new spring courses

By Gloria C. Erlich *77

Published in the April2, 2008 issue

I would like to express my appreciation for the sampler of new spring courses in the Feb. 13 Notebook section. Just reading the course descriptions gave much food for thought, and the appended sample readings are sending me to the library to follow those thoughts. In a small...

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Managed care's failings

By Howard J. Zeft ’58, M.D.

Published in the April2, 2008 issue

I am gratified that Bill Frist ’74 remains actively involved in important medical issues (cover story, Dec. 12), but puzzled by his continued association with Professor Uwe Reinhardt in this endeavor. Reinhardt has not been a friend to most Princeton physicians, especially those...

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More on the 'most influential alumni' list

By Jon Holman '66

Published in the April2, 2008 issue

Reading the feature about Norman Thomas 1905 in the Jan. 23 PAW brought me back to one of those wonderful Princeton moments. It must have been in the fall of 1964, as I think it was during a presidential campaign. Mr. Thomas came to speak on campus, and about 100 undergrads...

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A farewell salute to '27

By Malcolm Mackay ’63

Published in the April2, 2008 issue

My father was the 1927 class secretary throughout my childhood and college years, and later the class president. I personally knew — and so liked — many members of the class, and knew about many more. And so it is with sadness that I read in the Feb. 13 PAW the obituary of Joe...

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Athletics and admission

By Clay McEldowney ’69

Published in the April2, 2008 issue

So what is going on with Princeton sports? Despite a quality coaching staff and solid athletic administration, Princeton football suffers a losing season, placing ahead of only Cornell and Columbia in the Ivy League; men’s basketball extends its streak to 12, losing to Lehigh,...

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