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June11, 2008

Vol. 108, No. 15

Kennedy '77's views

In response to: Identity Politics

By Jonathan Smolowe ’78

Published in the June11, 2008 issue

The cover story (April 2) about Randall Kennedy ’77 did a good job of capturing a man who is comfortable in his own skin, confident that no one means him harm, and thus is not offended by what others say. What it failed to reflect, however, is his humility and humanity....

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Value in health care

In response to: Managed care's failings

By Uwe E. Reinhardt

Published in the June11, 2008 issue

In his criticism of my support of managed care (letters, April 2), Howard Zeft ’58, M.D., reflects a bygone era in which American society granted physicians full professional autonomy, on the theory that physicians would be aware at all times of best...

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Theorists vs. hands-on activists

In response to: Identity Politics

By The Rev. George A. Bates '76

Published in the June11, 2008 issue

Where do I begin with Poor Randall’s Almanac? He is a classmate of sorts, as he began in the Class of 1976, and he is a wonderful and brilliant conversationalist. Sadly, conversation or “talk” and theorizing alone do not solve the problem of “race”...

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Doctor as patient

In response to: Double lives

By Lynne Dennis Oliva '78

Published in the June11, 2008 issue

I applaud Robert Klitzman ’80’s willingness to be so vulnerable and to discuss the advantages of the physician’s knowledge of being a patient in terms of the development of empathy (Perspective, April 23). I have spent the past 15 years working as a...

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Focus on Latino studies

In response to: Latino students: Changes needed

By Bob Hernandez '69

Published in the June11, 2008 issue

Re Princeton’s Latino Coalition report (Notebook, Jan. 23): Bravo to the students for pursuing a critical issue for the University’s future. I gasp at the figure of 2.5 percent Latino representation among the faculty. It is somewhat startling...

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