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June11, 2008

Vol. 108, No. 15

A tree grows in Butler

In response to: The end is in sight for Butler apartments

By Bill Neidig '70

Published in the June11, 2008 issue

I read about the scheduled demolition of the Butler graduate student apartments (Notebook, April 2) and wanted to relate a family story. The photograph below shows my wife, Christy, and daughter, Stephanie, in front of a tree at 221C Halsey St. The...

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Proving a theorem

In response to: Student's proof ends 60 years of math puzzling

By Lawrence Dresner *59

Published in the June11, 2008 issue

The theorem Andrei Negut ’08 proved for Edward H. Friend ’50 about which you reported (Notebook, April 2) is well known. A proof can be found in College Geometry by Nathan Altshiller-Court, Johnson Publishing Co., 1925. Somewhat different proofs can be...

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Set recyling goal higher

By Arthur R. Boone '60

Published in the June11, 2008 issue

I have been a professional recycler since 1983. For Princeton create a goal of a 50 percent recycling rate for 2012 (Notebook, March 19) is a travesty. Depending on the method used calculate recycling, businesses today routinely are producing 80...

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A classics 'ephiphany'

By Stephen J. Bednar '60

Published in the June11, 2008 issue

The passing of President Goheen is sadly noted. Although somewhat naive at the time, my game plan as a freshman at Princeton was to take as many gut courses as possible, collect a respectable number of “gentleman’s Cs,” and have an enjoyable experience...

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A perfect response

By Roland M. Frye Jr. '72

Published in the June11, 2008 issue

It was the spring of 1970, and the campus was still in an uproar about the United States’ recent incursion into Cambodian territory during the Vietnam War. Only a few months earlier, I had received a low (i.e., bad) number in the “draft lottery,” and...

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