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July16, 2008

Vol. 108, No. 16

In response to letters in PAW

More on Achimedes

By Bruce N. Baker '53

Published in the February13, 2008 issue

Edward Groth III ’66 (letters, Dec. 12) points out that the puzzle Archimedes was trying to solve was not “buoyancy,” but rather, how to measure the volume of an irregularly shaped object. The other part of the legend, which he did not state, is that the monarch was concerned...

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Excellence in sports

In response to: Athletics and admission

By Jessica Rogers '01

Published in the May14, 2008 issue

Clay McEldowney ’69’s letter (April 2) suggested that a change in admissions leadership has led to lower athletic prowess among our sports teams. However, he fails to mention the men’s hockey team’s ECAC Championship win over Harvard and its place in the national playoffs. The...

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Learning from real life

By Hugh Scott '61

Published in the May14, 2008 issue

I would like to thank Will Bardenwerper ’98 (Letters, March 19) for his service to our country and for his thoughtful response to the Jan. 23 letter from William Mettler ’51. What a difference there is between the comments made by Mr. Mettler and Mr. Bardenwerper. One person...

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A political-correctness foul

In response to: Athletics and admission

By Robert C. Lang Jr. '70

Published in the May14, 2008 issue

Clay McEldowney ’69 correctly identifies the admission office as the reason for mediocrity or worse in some of the Princeton athletic teams. The admission policy limits the number of qualified athletes so that Princeton does not win too much, a political-correctness foul. This...

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Value in health care

In response to: Managed care's failings

By Uwe E. Reinhardt

Published in the June11, 2008 issue

In his criticism of my support of managed care (letters, April 2), Howard Zeft ’58, M.D., reflects a bygone era in which American society granted physicians full professional autonomy, on the theory that physicians would be aware at all times of best...

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