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Sept. 24, 2008

Vol. 109, No. 1

Graduate student Mark de Groh looks for artifacts near Beyözü, a village in central Turkey.

Marking time

Combining history and archaeology, these Princeton scholars reconstruct daily life in the fields of Turkey

Published in the Sept. 24, 2008, issue

At the entrance to a mosque in Kozören, a small farming village in central Turkey, Princeton history professor John Haldon leans to the right, dips his shoulder, and cranes his neck to read the inscription on a large, cylindrical stone. In addition to being...Read more

The Brutus of the conspiracy

Woodrow Wilson and John Grier Hibben each won Princeton’s presidency, but a bitter dispute over the University’s future destroyed their friendship

Published in the Sept. 24, 2008, issue

As president of Princeton, Woodrow Wilson 1879 became one of the most revered educators in America — and one of the most hated. In a new book, W. Barksdale Maynard ’88 tells the story of Wilson’s complex relationship with Old Nassau from freshman year to the...Read more
This 1916 drawing from the Carey Cartoon Service depicts politics as a carnival. The cartoon delivers many images and punchlines, depicting Woodrow Wilson, Republican Charles Evans Hughes, and Theodore Roosevelt, among others.

Laughing through November

Published in the Sept. 24, 2008, issue

Even when the nastiness of politics is at its worst, count on political cartoonists to get the joke. Through Jan. 4, 2009, the Leonard L. Milberg Gallery in Firestone Library is presenting “Sketching Their Characters: 150 Years of Political Cartoons,” with...Read more
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