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Sept.24, 2008

Vol. 109, No. 1

Citadel alumnus offers an apology

By Clarence C. Hutto

Published in the September24, 2008 issue

I would like to pass on my sincerest apologies to everyone associated with Princeton University for the dishonorable treatment you received while visiting The Citadel campus for the football game between our two schools. The actions of the individual cadets, alumni, and Citadel...

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The band deserves respect

By Joel Thompson ’08

Published in the September24, 2008 issue

The band deserves congratulation and commendation, not censure, for the way it handled itself in response to verbal and physical harassment at the hands of The Citadel cadets the weekend of Sept. 20. It is important to remember three key things. First, everything the band did...

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A lack of Southern hospitality

By Robert Wright ’97

Published in the September24, 2008 issue

As a Southerner (born in Alabama, raised in Texas), I was saddened to learn the details of the recent football game at The Citadel in South Carolina. In particular, the cadets’ treatment of the Princeton University Band failed to live up to traditions of Southern hospitality. I...

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Shocking intimidation at The Citadel

By Amelia R. Brown ’99

Published in the September24, 2008 issue

As a proud alumna of Princeton and the Princeton University Band, and an enthusiastic football fan, I was saddened to hear recently about the shocking intimidation and disrespect that the Princeton football team, its fans, and particularly its band encountered at the game at The...

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The University should support the band

By Sharon Keld ’80

Published in the September24, 2008 issue

The Princeton University Band supports the athletic teams through thick and thin, and should get the support of the University and the community. The band performs a vital function of entertainment and provides an outlet of both music and fun for its members. A friend of mine...

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