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Nov.†5, 2008

Vol. 109, No. 4

Wanted: Fairfax tales

By Gregg Lange '70

Published in the November†5, 2008 issue

For an upcoming Rally ’Round the Cannon column for PAW Online, I’m seeking reminiscences of the legendary campus Valentine perpetrator Henry Fairfax. (Come on, you know who you are.) Please send to or mail to PAW’s office at 194 Nassau St., Suite 38,...

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At 114, aging gracefully

By David Scott Foster Jr. ’58

Published in the November†5, 2008 issue

In the fall of 1894, Howard Crosby Foster entered Princeton as a freshman and soon adorned his room with the 1898 pennant, shown above. He kept it for about 30 years until, in the fall of 1928, his son David Scott Foster entered Princeton in the Class of ’32, and the pennant...

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First-year assistance

In response to: Meeting their match


Published in the November†5, 2008 issue

As the son of immigrants and the first of either family to attend college, I relate to Chip McCorkle ’09’s observation (On the Campus, Sept. 24) that one feels lost and out of place during one’s first year at Princeton. Add to that the presence of many prep-school classmates and...

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Butlerís architecture

In response to: New residential college rising

By Leonard S. Thomsen ’56

Published in the November†5, 2008 issue

Re “New residential college rising” (Notebook, Sept. 24): Butler College† — what a dreadful-looking building! Did the donor want his legacy to resemble a prison? Surely more than $50 million a year (Annual Giving, FY ’08) can create better-looking architecture. †

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American education

By Adrian Woodhouse ’59

Published in the November†5, 2008 issue

Looking at the current news on the Alumni Association Web site, one must wonder about the condition of secondary education in the United States. A couple of years ago, we were amazed that while we got two Nevada high school students accepted to the Class of 2011, the class ended...

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