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Mar.4, 2009

Vol. 109, No. 9

From the Archives

In response to: From The Archives

By Theola Sacha (Labbe) DeBose ’96

Published in the March4, 2009 issue

In the Dec. 17 From the Archives photo, I’m the black woman in the center. To the left with the blonde hair is Jennifer L. Carpenter ’96, and to the right is Leonora Williamson (Zilkha) ’96. We are part of the all-female singing group, the Tigressions. The photo is from our 1994...

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Costly legal settlement

In response to: Robertson lawsuit settled

By Richard Houck ’71

Published in the March4, 2009 issue

PAW did a masterful job of summarizing the Robertson v. Princeton settlement in four inches of ink (Notebook, Jan. 28). Both the administration and the Robertson family were “happy” with the settlement, both sides were convinced they were right and knew more than the original...

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A historic election

In response to: Success at the polls

By Robert Gleason ’87

Published in the March4, 2009 issue

The article concerning Jared Polis ’96’s recent election to Congress (Notebook, Dec. 17) understates the historic nature of his victory. Rep. Polis is not only Colorado’s first openly gay congressman, he is the first non-incumbent, openly gay man elected to Congress in our...

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Drinking at Princeton

In response to: Could a 'social honor code' curb binge drinking?

Published in the March4, 2009 issue

I am an alcoholic. I took my first drink at Old Nassau, where my drinking progressed rapidly and affected me abnormally. By the time I graduated, I had punched out the wall of an eating club and was briefly hospitalized at McCosh. Somehow I received my degree, but my drinking...

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Plaudits for Obama '85

By Paul Mendelson ’62

Published in the March4, 2009 issue

Finally, after several years of keeping score of alumni in the nation’s disservice — Rumsfeld ’54, Alito ’72, Spitzer ’81, and the like — and trying to have PAW recognize my tally, I now feel compelled to change my tack. That is to say, I will try to be politically correct...

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