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Mar.4, 2009

Vol. 109, No. 9

For the record

In response to: Faces of faith

Published in the March4, 2009 issue

A letter in the Jan. 28 issue from Arvin Anderson ’59 should have read, in part: “the exclusion of recognition of atheists and agnostics as a growing minority by the general American culture still exists.” The letter incorrectly referred to a “growing majority.”

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A tribute for Mathey

In response to: Shepherding the endowment through the Great Depression

By William C. McCoy ’45

Published in the March4, 2009 issue

Princeton University should honor Dean Mathey 1912 (Notebook, Nov. 19) in a significant way. No committee, no consultant, just the right man at the right time. It would never happen today. Editor’s note: Mathey College, one of Princeton’s two-year residential colleges, was...

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A missed opportunity

By R.B. Lewis II ’63

Published in the March4, 2009 issue

I was surprised and disappointed that not a single Princeton economist joined the group of Nobel laureates, Ivy Leaguers, and other distinguished academicians encouraging true economic stimulus instead of the disjointed and pork-laden government spending being promoted in...

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The hookup culture

By Robert P. George, Professor of politics

Published in the March4, 2009 issue

Princeton is a wonderful university, but there is a dark side to its social life — the culture of promiscuity known as “the hookup culture.” Many of our students feel deeply ambivalent about it, to say the least, but it exerts powerful pressure on them. Students, like other...

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Alumni ties to Greenfaith

In response to: Dear Mr. President

By Rabbi Ruth Gais *74

Published in the March4, 2009 issue

I was delighted that my participation in the Greenfaith Fellowship program was acknowledged in PAW (“Dear Mr. President,” Jan. 28). I am also very proud that Greenfaith’s executive director is a fellow alum, the Rev. Fletcher Harper ’85.

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