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Mar.18, 2009

Vol. 109, No. 10


Alumni pride

By Bob Barber ’71

Published in the July15, 2009 issue

When I first learned, during the campaign, that Michelle Obama ’85 is a Princeton grad, I finally felt I had a reason to be proud of my alma mater. Now that I’ve learned William Greider ’58 (A Moment With, May 13) and Sonia Sotomayor ’76 are also alums, I’ve got two more reasons.

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Support club's staff

By Alison Winfield, Columbia ’05

Published in the April22, 2009 issue

The Columbia Club is in residence at the Princeton Club of New York, and I am a member of both. There have been recent staff layoffs by club management. I suggest that these layoffs demonstrate poor policy. The club is what we make it to be, and perhaps it means something...

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A modest idea for Annual Giving

By Dick Wythes ’51

Published in the March18, 2009 issue

Now, after 20 years of real and pseudo [grad school] Yalies in the White House, we at long last have a Tiger. I propose that we come up with an 800 phone number to be made available to all Princeton alumni … perhaps 1-800 MS OBAMA or 1-800 MICHELE [misspelled] or 1-800 LINCOLN....

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Making moral distinctions

By John F. Fay *85

Published in the March18, 2009 issue

Professor Jonathan D. Cohen’s work on neuroscience and moral reasoning, highlighted in the Fall 2008 brochure of Aspire Princeton, provides a perfect example of why good scientists do not necessarily make good moral philosophers and confirms my decision not to give any money to...

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An appreciation in rhyme

By James M. Shea ’57

Published in the March18, 2009 issue

PAUL KRUGMAN, Ph.D. He is Nobel laureate and professor, whichmandates that he is the possessor of rationality, objectivity, and lack of bias, when writing or speaking on dais. These attributes are often left behind when he has weekly change of mind to write N.Y. Times...

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