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Apr.22, 2009

Vol. 109, No. 12


Stimulus funding offers boost to research

Amid all the bad economic news in recent months, Princeton is counting on one hopeful sign — an increase in federal research funding.

Published in the Apr.22, 2009, issue

“The presidential stimulus package offers significantly more money for sponsored research,” said Provost Christopher Eisgruber ’83. “We think that’s a bright spot.” The $787 billion legislation, signed Feb. 17 by President Barack Obama, includes $10.4 billion...Read more

Outlook worsens for endowment

Published in the Apr.22, 2009, issue

Citing a “more pessimistic outlook for endowment earnings,” President Tilghman announced April 6 that Princeton will freeze salaries in the coming year for tenured faculty and for staff earning more than $75,000. The latest forecast from the Princeton...Read more
The roof of the Research Collections and Preservation Consortium’s storage library on the Forrestal campus houses the University’s largest solar-energy installation. Shown are Eileen Henthorne, the consortium’s executive director, and Tom Nyquist, Princeton’s director of engineering.

As Princeton invests in energy savings, usage dips

Published in the Apr.22, 2009, issue

In 2009–10, Princeton will spend $89.9 million on energy and facilities operating expenses, about 7 percent of the total operating budget. Decreasing those kinds of operating costs could help the University avoid or limit staff reductions, executive vice...Read more
The beetle Deltochilum valgum (below) feeds on millipedes instead of dung – a remarkable adaptation, according to Trond Larsen *06, shown with an emperor tamarin during a recent trip to Peru.

Breaking Ground: Ecology

Beetles offer biodiversity clues

Published in the Apr.22, 2009, issue

Dung beetles play a distinct role in ecological systems. Guided by an acute sense of smell, they serve as a flying cleanup crew, seeking out and feeding on bacteria-rich waste left by larger animals. But in a Peruvian rainforest, ecologist Trond Larsen *06...Read more

Admission rate stirs up students

Published in the Apr.22, 2009, issue

Princeton has offered admission to 2,150 students as it prepares to enroll its largest freshman class ever — 1,300 students. A record 21,694 students applied for admission, and 9.8 percent were accepted — up from 9.25 percent a year ago (that figure rose to...Read more

In the News

Published in the Apr.22, 2009, issue

University employees will serve as VOLUNTEER FIREFIGHTERS with the Princeton Fire Department during a one-year pilot program approved March 24 by the Borough Council. The partnership is designed to help the department’s coverage during weekdays. About 30...Read more
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