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Nov.4, 2009

Vol. 110, No. 4

Seeking 'smartness'

In response to: Margaret Mead meets Morgan Stanley

By Stephen E. Silver ’58

Published in the November4, 2009 issue

I am suspicious of the heavy-handed emphasis placed by Wall Street interviewers on “smartness” (cover story, Sept. 23). Surely, students who apply for these jobs are no more intelligent than those who apply to graduate schools or who choose to go into the professions. Rather, it...

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Why not save data?

In response to: Manhattan Project notebooks hold a secret - radioactivity

By Sandor Barcza ’60

Published in the November4, 2009 issue

It is criminal to destroy information, no matter how insignificant (“Manhattan Project notebooks hold a secret — radioactivity,” Notebook, Oct. 7). There may be many researchers who may disagree with the Woodrow Wilson School student who made the decision. The books should...

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Proud of bridge year

In response to: On the Campus

By Kate Mattingly ’93

Published in the November4, 2009 issue

While visiting a festival of contemporary performance last week in Serbia I was surprised to notice a group of young people, about college age, with one of the women wearing a Princeton sweatshirt. As a graduate of Princeton, I had to ask if she had an affiliation with the...

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Loving one's neighbors

In response to: The evolution of God

By Christopher L. Webber ’53

Published in the November4, 2009 issue

Shouldn’t Robert Wright ’79 read the Bible before he writes about it (Alumni Scene, Sept. 23)? According to your writer, Wright says that Jesus “meant love your Jewish neighbors, not all neighbors.” There are few subjects on which Jesus was clearer. A questioner asked him, “Who...

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Distressing sounds

By David H. Fulmer ’55

Published in the November4, 2009 issue

It was distressing to watch our team lose disastrously to Columbia Oct. 3, but even more distressing were the sounds coming from the scoreboard. During the pregame period, noise that some might call music was broadcast loudly and incessantly. Periodically during the game, even...

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