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Feb. 3, 2010

Vol. 110, No. 8

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Jessica Hsu ’10, left, and Eileen Zerba, a senior ­lecturer in ecology and evolutionary biology and director of undergraduate laboratories at the Princeton Environmental Institute, check sensors on top of a green roof of a Butler College dorm.

Can the University meet its environmental goals?

By Mark F. Bernstein ’83

If you want to save the planet, think for a minute about the simple plastic cup. Eight or 12 ounces, perhaps emblazoned with a Princeton logo — the University goes through thousands of them each month. It is hard to imagine Reunions or a Prospect Avenue...

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Word freaks

Constrained writing (and other puzzles) for unconstrained freshmen

The first written assignment in Lily Akerman ’13’s freshman seminar was to produce a piece of “constrained writing,” and Akerman tackled it with a fervor that could not be explained simply by the fact that she was a first-year student, eager to prove herself....Read more
Above, Renee Hsia ’99 in Rwanda in 1999. Below: Hsia recently working at a clinic in Sanafe, Eritrea.

Princeton-in-Africa turns 10

As program grows, 25 fellows serve in 16 countries

Twelve years ago, when Princeton-in-Africa was still only an idea, co-founder and current PiAf board chairman George Hritz ’69 discovered that things have a way of working out. At the time, Hritz, a longtime board member of the International Rescue Committee...Read more
Bob Surace ’90

Surace ’90 gets the call as football coach

In 2002, Bob Surace ’90 was a successful young head football coach at Western Connecticut State, and the associate athletic director asked what it would take to keep him at the Division-III college. “I said, ‘I’m here unless the NFL or Princeton calls,’”...Read more
Lesley Wheeler *94

A moment with ... Lesley Wheeler *94, on teaching poetry

Poetry can be intimidating to many people. Lesley Wheeler *94, a professor and head of the English department at Washington and Lee University, aims to break down that fear in her students and show them that poetry can be accessible and fun. A specialist in...Read more
Web Bonus Links
Video: Helping doctors in Rwanda
Renee Hsia '99 says her Princeton-in-Africa experience was "integral" in shaping her life.
Video: Mouse tracks
Watch a video of a mouse in a virtual-reality environment developed by a Princeton research team.
Lesley Wheeler *94’s latest collections
Read poems from "Heterotopia," to be published this spring, and "Heathen," published in 2009.
Fun with words
The first assignment for students in a course on "Wordplay" was to produce a piece of constrained writing. Read some examples of how they rose to the challenge.
Word games: A PAW contest
Try your hand at constrained writing, and you could win a trio of DVDs for word lovers.
Web Exclusives
Gregg Lange's 70's Rally 'Round the Cannon
Professor Harry Hess *32 revolutionized the geological sciences.
Lend a hand
Add your group to PAW's list of nonprofits created or led by alumni.
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