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Apr. 28, 2010

Vol. 110, No. 12

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The Chapel organ – known as the Mander organ for the company that restored it in 1991 – has four keyboards, or manuals. From the top, they’re the Solo, the Swell, the Great, and the Choir. The Great sounds the loudest, while the Swell operates pipes in a huge box with movable blinds on one side. Though it plays at a single volume, when the blinds are opened the sound swells dramatically.

‘Most miraculous organ’

By Merrell Noden ’78, Photos by Ricardo Barros

Mozart called the organ the “king of instruments,” which is true but doesn’t do the organ full justice. Organs — at least the thundering, celestial kind found in the world’s great cathedrals — are massive contraptions of mind-boggling complex­ity. And...

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Kira Gnesdiloff ’98: Afghanistan, 2005

Choosing danger:

Why do some people willingly work in conflict zones, when they have so many other options?

Published in the Apr. 28, 2010, issue

“What have I gotten myself into?”   That’s what Kira Gnesdiloff ’98 found herself thinking in 2004, after she landed in Kabul to start a yearlong assignment for a French nongovernmental organization. This was after Gnesdiloff, a politics major, had spent two...Read more

With 8.2% chosen, the most selective class ever

Published in the Apr. 28, 2010, issue

Almost four in 10 of the applicants to Princeton’s Class of 2014 had perfect GPAs. More than half of all the hopefuls scored at least 2100 — out of 2400 — on the combined SAT. Most of them were turned away. This year’s admission process was the most selective...Read more
 From left, Haitian-born Ford brothers Jean, Henri ’80, and Billy ’83 in Port-au-Prince, where they cared for earthquake victims.

Healing Haiti

Three brothers, all doctors, volunteer in their homeland after the quake

Published in the Apr. 28, 2010, issue

It did not take long for Henri Ford ’80 to respond to the disaster of the Haiti earthquake. Four days after the January quake, the Haitian-American pediatric surgeon landed in the Ameri­can embassy in Port-au-Prince, which had become a temporary hospital of...Read more

Reality check: Tigers on TV

Published in the Apr. 7, 2010, issue

From "Big Brother Australia" in 2001 to last summer’s "Great Debate" on VH1, these Princetonians braved the world of reality TV. Read how they look back on their experiences ... Click on the names below to read about each contestant. Andrea “Andy” Silva...Read more
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Video: The great organ
University organist Eric Plutz plays a lively "Sabre Dance" on Princeton's Chapel organ.
Video: Cake as art
An interview with custom cake maker Elizabeth Hodes '99, with examples of her edible works of art.
Audio: Folksy guitar
Listen to songs from a new CD by singer/songwriter Luke Cissell '02.
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Gregg Lange's 70's Rally 'Round the Cannon
Remembering the propriety and equanimity of William K. Selden '34, a friend to countless Tigers and chronicler of Princetoniana. Available as a podcast.
Lend a hand
Add your group to PAW's list of nonprofits created or led by alumni.
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