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June2, 2010

Vol. 110, No. 15

For the record

Published in the June2, 2010 issue

A statement by Professor Szymon Suckewer in PAW’s March 17 article about Princeton’s climate skeptics deserves clarification. Suckewer says that his own research has convinced him that “increased CO2 levels caused by human activity have little to do with rising global...

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Gender-neutral issues

In response to: Gender-neutral housing on its way

By John A. Pfeifer ’54

Published in the June2, 2010 issue

Because of some temporary health problems, I was delayed in reading the March 17 issue of PAW. The experience almost gave me a fatal relapse. This was brought on by two totally conflicting decisions apparently made by people in positions of authority at Princeton. The two issues...

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Missing an early option

In response to: In Brief

By Lynn Hogben ’77 s’78

Published in the June2, 2010 issue

The Feb. 3 Notebook story on admission applications states that 74 percent of Princeton applicants are seeking financial aid and attributes this high percentage to the economy and to “our financial-aid message ... reaching more students than in the past.” There is probably...

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Why the change?

By David R. Wright *76

Published in the June2, 2010 issue

I notice in the photo of the graduate dining hall that the tables have been rearranged since I attended (1966–70). They used to be perpendicular to the side walls. Why the change? I also notice that the organ console, formerly just inside on the right as one entered, is absent....

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Procter Hall's meanings

In response to: Procter Hall

By Steve Synakowski ’75 *78

Published in the June2, 2010 issue

The photograph of Ralph Cram’s Procter Hall at the Graduate College (Final Scene, April 7) reflects and befits this generally unknown facet of the University beautifully. The image captures the spatial and the iconic sense of the architecture remarkably well. ...

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