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July7, 2010

Vol. 110, No. 16

From the Archives

In response to: Home

By Peter Demaree Sr. k’39

Published in the July7, 2010 issue

The baseball player on the left in the April 28 From the Archives photo is my father, Dr. Richard Howard Demaree ’39. He was a star pitcher; his nickname was Farmer. He passed away in 2001.

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Ex-president's thanks

In response to: Reliving a war

By Tex Farrington ’42

Published in the July7, 2010 issue

Our Class of 1942 has copied any public figure mentioned in our World War II book and the new audiobook (Alumni Scene, Feb. 24). Thus, a letter and an audiobook were sent to the George H.W. Bush Presidential Library. I wrote that proclivity for jumping out of airplanes on...

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A climate response

In response to: Debating climate data

By William Happer *64, Robert Austin, Szymon Suckewer

Published in the July7, 2010 issue

A letter of April 28 in PAW, and a longer version posted at PAW Online, purport to correct “serious errors” in the March 17 article “Temperatures Rising” by Mark F. Bernstein ’83. The signatories say: “Perhaps the most egregious error is the statement that ‘human activity has...

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In defense of Van Jones

In response to: Home

By Tim McKee ’92

Published in the July7, 2010 issue

Regarding Van Jones’ appointment as a Distinguished Visiting Fellow (Notebook, March 17): Given the state of the economy and climate, it’s almost laughable that some Princeton alumni (letters, April 28) consider “radical” Van Jones’ idea of creating a domestic job corps to...

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Correcting a class year

In response to: Where town meets gown

By Herb Hobler ’44

Published in the July7, 2010 issue

There was one incorrect item in the May 12 cover story, “Where town meets gown.” While I suspect most of us in ’44 would welcome Nick Katzenbach to our rolls, Nick was in ’43, not ’44. Still, many of us knew him during undergraduate days and beyond during his stellar career.

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