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Nov. 17, 2010

Vol. 111, No. 4

Alumni Scene
 Plácido Domingo, left, starred in the premiere of the opera “Il Postino” by Daniel Catán *77, at right.

Music of poetry and love

Opera composer Daniel Catán *77’s latest work is based on the Italian film Il Postino

Published in the Nov. 17, 2010, issue

Sixteen years ago, when composer Daniel Catán *77 saw the film Il Postino, about a postman on a small Italian island who delivers mail to the exiled Chilean poet Pablo Neruda, Catán identified with the young postman, who learns about the power of poetry in...Read more

Crossing a religious divide

Eliza Griswold ’95 reports on the complex relationship between Christians and Muslims

Published in the Nov. 17, 2010, issue

Investigative journalist Eliza Griswold ’95 has spent the last seven years roaming through Africa and Asia along the line of latitude 700 miles north of the equator, exploring the faith-based conflicts there that date back centuries. More than half of the...Read more
Anthony Marx *86 *90


Published in the Nov. 17, 2010, issue

ANTHONY MARX *86 *90, president of Amherst College, will become president and CEO of the New York Public Library in July, succeeding Paul LeClerc.   Marx received an M.P.A. from the Woodrow Wilson School and went on to earn a Prince­ton Ph.D. in politics. He...Read more
New Releases  
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Paradise Beneath Her Feet: How Women Are Transforming the Middle East

By Isobel Coleman ’87

(Random House) In this examination of the growing feminist movement within Islam, the author profiles male and female activists in the Middle East who are working within the tenets of Islam to create economic, political, and...

Torchbearers of Democracy

By Chad L. Williams *04

(University of North Carolina Press)   The author examines the central role African-American soldiers played in World War I and how they, along with activists and ordinary citizens, fought for democracy at home and beyond. The...

This Can’t Be My Life

By Ruth Gerson '92

(Wrong Records) The 11 tracks on Gerson’s sixth CD feature her singing original songs. The San Francisco Chronicle called her an “underground songwriting master,” and the Palo Alto Daily News compared Gerson to Carole King,...
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