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Nov.17, 2010

Vol. 111, No. 4

Not the largest

In response to: Anatomy of the Class of 2014

By Laura Ray ’84

Published in the November17, 2010 issue

An Oct. 13 Campus Notebook article states that “roughly 60 percent of the class ... participated in Outdoor Action, the largest pre-orientation backpacking program in the country.” I’m afraid that Outdoor Action is not the largest such program in the country. The Dartmouth...

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Yasui trial records

In response to: Judge helps to revisit historic civil-liberties case

By Ben Primer

Published in the November17, 2010 issue

I enjoyed the article on Denny Chin ’75 and the story of the re-enactment of the Yasui trials (Campus Notebook, Oct. 13). PAW readers might like to know that Princeton holds what must be the largest collection of materials on these internment trials in the records of the...

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In response to: More than a doctor on TV

By Katherine Teetor w’40

Published in the November17, 2010 issue

“More than a doctor,” about T. Berry Brazelton ’40 (Alumni Scene, Sept. 22), was a treat. Much anticipated at the Class of ’40’s Fortieth was my chance to meet this distinguished baby doctor. I debated how to proceed. When I spotted him in the tent, I introduced myself and...

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Looking through a telescope

In response to: The Stargazers

By James D. Sheppard ’50

Published in the November17, 2010 issue

My major at Princeton was economics, but my favorite course was an elective, Astronomy 301, a general course on astronomy. It was taught by the incomparable professor John Q. Stewart ’15 *19. His lectures were outstanding and I still have my notes. He predicted that man...

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Scientists and stars

In response to: The Stargazers

By Thomas C. Southerland Jr.

Published in the November17, 2010 issue

Well done, W. Barksdale Maynard ’88, for “The Stargazers” (cover story, Sept. 22) chronicling Princeton’s brilliant legacy in the field of astrophysics and how it continues. As the administrator of the Department of Astrophysical Sciences and Lyman Spitzer’s assistant for my...

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