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Feb.9, 2011

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Video: Geometry of music

Posted on February 9, 2011

What makes music sound good, asks associate professor of music Dmitri Tymoczko. Tymoczko has developed a program called ChordGeometries, which represents chords and voice leadings in a variety of 3D geometrical spaces. Here are two video clips that demonstrate the program.

The first shows an excerpt from a Chopin prelude as it travels through a slice of the four-dimensional space containing seventh chords.

In the second video clip, watch the familiar chords of Deep Purple's "Smoke on the Water" on a Mobius strip.

Source: Dmitri Tymoczko. For more information, see Tymoczko's page on the Princeton music department's website:

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1 Response to Video: Geometry of music

Sean O'Donnell Says:

2012-01-19 09:42:23

For such an interesting concept, these are probably the most boring computer-aided visualizations that I have ever seen.
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Video: Geometry of music
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