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Mar.23, 2011

Vol. 111, No. 9

Alumni help for inmates

By Jim Farrin ’58, Charlie Puttkammer ’58, Dick Scribner ’58, John Kuhlthau ’58

Published in the March23, 2011 issue

We would be most interested in talking with alumni interested in volunteer efforts to assist American prison inmates’ rehabilitation. In 2007 we established the Petey Greene Prisoner Assistance Program in Princeton. This program is a 501(c)(3) and not funded by the ...

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Recounting the horse's tale

In response to: Pranks for the memories

By Frank Jackson ’55

Published in the March23, 2011 issue

Just got the Jan. 19 issue on humor. Well done, except that you did not list the horse that appeared on the third floor of our Rockefeller suite on a Houseparties weekend. (The year was 1954, I believe.) The horse belonged to a trustee, and there was obviously a good deal of...

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Thinking about humor

In response to: Anatomy of the funny bone

By Fred Lamparter ’61

Published in the March23, 2011 issue

I greatly enjoyed “Anatomy of the funny bone” (feature, Jan. 19); it reminded me fondly of my senior thesis, which analyzed the nature and uses of humor in the works of satirist Jonathan Swift and humorist Mark Twain. Despite the value in the “Benign Violation Theory” of ...

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Nuclear fusion's potential

In response to: President's Page

By Burke Baker III ’65

Published in the March23, 2011 issue

Re: the Campus Notebook article on solar panels at Princeton (March 2), this is certainly a good thing to do. However, the fact that it takes 27 acres of solar panels to provide 5 percent of the University’s electrical energy underscores the extremely high land-use ...

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PPPL's fusion research

In response to: President's Page

By Isaiah Cox ’94

Published in the March23, 2011 issue

President Tilghman is correct to use the Princeton Plasma Physics Lab as a “great example of what long-term federally sponsored research can accomplish” (President’s Page, Feb. 9). Magnetic-fusion research has been a complete failure, supporting decades of make-work for...

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