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Apr.6, 2011

Vol. 111, No. 10

Issues raised by articles in PAW

Early abolitionist views

By Tad Lafountain '72

Published in the February13, 2008 issue

While Samuel Sewall was commendably early in his questioning of slavery (“Mining Family History,” Books and Arts, Dec. 12), Eve LaPlante ’80 is mistaken in crediting him with writing “... America’s first abolitionist argument.” Francis (Franz) Daniel Pastorius and other members...

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No need to obsess on college admissions

By Cristina L.H. Traina '83

Published in the February13, 2008 issue

Mercifully, Merrell Noden ’78’s worrying “Admission Obsession” (feature, Dec. 12) tells only part of the story. Overall, the recent bulge in applications is a boon to American higher education. I’ve been converted to this view by my experience as both a parent and an educator....

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Keep Firestone great

By Robert Hollander '55

Published in the February13, 2008 issue

Before the Dec. 12 issue of PAW (Notebook), I am not sure many alumni were aware of the impending project at Firestone Library, which has caused some concern on campus this autumn. Our main library, for which such a plan has been in the works for quite some time now, is now...

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Obama's supporters

By Bob Barth '56

Published in the February13, 2008 issue

Thanks very much for the illuminating article on Sen. Barack Obama’s Chicago support group (feature, Oct. 10): Prince- ton alumni in the nation’s service for sure. I never thought I’d see such an article in PAW. For me, Sen. Obama is the most inspiring presidential candidate...

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Using a Gehry building

By Richard C. Lanza '59

Published in the February13, 2008 issue

It was interesting to note the opinions concerning the design of Whitman College that you quoted in the Nov. 21 PAW (Editor’s letter). As a fairly frequent user of the Frank Gehry-designed Stata Center at MIT, I can certainly attest to the interesting and fun nature of the...

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