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Apr. 27, 2011

Vol. 111, No. 11

For the record

Published in the April 27, 2011 issue

Carolyn Edelstein ’10 GS was the writer of the “What role for Blairs­town?” Campus Notebook story in the April 6 issue. Her name was omitted inadvertently from the story.

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How a dream led to Firestone's toy soldiers

By Caron Cadle ’79

Published in the April 27, 2011 issue

Editor’s note: The following letter recently was received by PAW; we are publishing it as an exception to our policy that letters in response to articles several years old normally would not appear in print.   I just discovered a PAW article on unusual objects in ...

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From the Archives

In response to: From The Archives

By Bonnie Berry LaMon ’84

Published in the April 27, 2011 issue

Re From the Archives, Feb. 9: The two students are Walter Jones ’85 and Donna Nuttall ’85. I do not remember the young boy’s name, but I recall that he was trying to make Walter speak. The march from Princeton Inn College (now Forbes) to Cannon Green was a silent candlelight...

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Horse prank was risky

In response to: Recounting the horse's tale

By Tom Parr ’55

Published in the April 27, 2011 issue

While at first blush the horse incident described by my classmate Frank Jackson ’55 (letters, March 23) might sound humorous, it could have been fatal to the owner and/or the horse. The horse was an oversized thoroughbred given to its owner, Donald Griffin ’23, by famed ...

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A 'five-second rule'? Yes

In response to: Report on campus leadership documents gender disparities

By Susan M. Squier ’72

Published in the April 27, 2011 issue

I am so glad to hear that there has been a committee investigating the gender disparities at Princeton (Campus Notebook, April 6). When I was there, nearly 40 years ago, I remember receiving three poetry prizes as a graduating senior — the Academy of American Poets prize and...

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