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May 11, 2011

Vol. 111, No. 12

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Limits, still

Why do some women students settle for less?

In March, study group released its report about the underrepresentation of women among Princeton’s highest-profile undergraduate leadership positions and as recipients of the highest ­academic prizes. The gender disparity has existed for decade –...

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Oh, those zany sophomores

Historically, an awkward year inspired silliness and fun —- and even the occasional riot

Published in the May 11, 2011, issue

It’s not easy being a sophomore. Though no longer a neophyte, you aren’t yet endowed with the gravitas of the upperclassman. Even the word sophomore is vaguely insulting, being derived from the sophism, an argument that is clever, but fallacious. (The...Read more
 The research of assistant professor Abby Doyle, who joined the faculty in 2008, is changing the way molecules are coupled together.

Chemistry’s new ‘cathedral’ a beacon to young faculty

Published in the May 11, 2011, issue

As manipulators of molecules, chemists are the ultimate realists. So it comes as something of a surprise to hear David MacMillan, the chairman of the Princeton chemistry department, sounding almost mystical as he describes the department’s stunning new...Read more

A moment with ... John Gager, on being a Freedom Rider

Published in the May 11, 2011, issue

In the spring and summer of 1961, scores of men and women participated in protests against racial discrimination by riding buses across the segregated South. On June 7–8, 1961, one of those “Freedom Riders” was Yale Divinity School student John Gager, who...Read more

He’s still got that swing

Some 60 years after his Princeton debut, bandleader Stan Rubin ’55 is going strong

Published in the May 11, 2011, issue

Zestfully enthusiastic and seemingly unstoppable after six decades as a successful bandleader, Stan Rubin ’55 plans to bound onto the stage once again at the Class of 1956’s 55th Reunion this month. It will mark his 57th performance, he says, at Reunions —...Read more
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Ted Walworth '66 wrote "Bill was my uncle and was part of my life from the 1950s until last year. I never saw this..." in response to A Tale of Two Deans

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A selection of Professor Robert Vanderbei's photos, highlighted in a recent National Geographic book on the universe.
Gender and leadership
Read the full text of the findings and recommendations of the Steering Committee on Undergraduate Women's Leadership.
Career/kids conflict
In an essay from the new book "Torn," Karen Sibert Haddy '74 says women can juggle many things fairly well, "but no, young ladies, you can't really do it all."
Video: On the road in Turkey
An exiled Iranian activist visits the Turkish resting place of a famed Persian poet in a film clip by Noah Arjomand '10.
Video: Freedom Riders
Watch the trailer for a new documentary, "Freedom Riders," based on a book by Raymond Arsenault ’69, which will be broadcast May 16 on PBS.
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