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June1, 2011

Vol. 111, No. 14

In response to letters in PAW

Rethink chastity-center decision

In response to: A lifestyle that deserves support

By Bill Markus ’47

Published in the July7, 2010 issue

How can it be that Princeton, administered almost top to bottom by women, can turn down the plea of those women seeking the refuge of a chastity center? Dorina Amendola ’02’s letter (March 17) is powerfully appealing. Is “Sex on a Saturday Night” the mandatory message that...

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A climate response

In response to: Debating climate data

By William Happer *64, Robert Austin, Szymon Suckewer

Published in the July7, 2010 issue

A letter of April 28 in PAW, and a longer version posted at PAW Online, purport to correct “serious errors” in the March 17 article “Temperatures Rising” by Mark F. Bernstein ’83. The signatories say: “Perhaps the most egregious error is the statement that ‘human activity has...

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Financial-aid thanks

In response to: Tuition, fees to rise 3.3 percent; big jump in financial-aid budget

By David E. Jordan ’50

Published in the April28, 2010 issue

Reading the article on the increase in tuition and fees (Notebook, Feb. 24) inspired my first letter to PAW. The rise, to $52,180 in costs for next year, brought to mind what it cost me to attend Princeton just after the war. How times have changed! Still, financial aid remains...

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Time to support sprint football

In response to: Time to end a sport?

By Paul A. Gabriele ’82

Published in the April28, 2010 issue

I am writing in response to Stephan J. Bednar ’60’s letter (Feb. 24), which suggests that Princeton end its sprint football program because it cannot compete effectively in the league.While it is true that Princeton’s sprint football has not been competitive for some time, I...

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Keep sprint football

In response to: Time to end a sport?

By Richard W. Hagner ’09

Published in the April7, 2010 issue

While I appreciate Stephen Bednar ’60’s opinion about ending the sprint football program (letters, Feb. 24), I do not appreciate his tactic of trying to make his point through embarrassing the team and its players by highlighting a lopsided score of a single game. As someone...

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