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Sept.14, 2011

Vol. 112, No. 1

Final Scene

Fountain of Freedom

Published in the September14, 2011, issue

The fountain in front of the Woodrow Wilson School was created in 1966 by James Fitzgerald, and is one of the largest bronze castings in the world. Titled “Fountain of Freedom,” the sculpture symbolizes Woodrow Wilson 1879’s vision of world peace.

Photograph by Ricardo Barros

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6 Responses to Final Scene

David Richards Says:

2011-09-21 13:23:44

The sculpture looks like the burned-out shell of a building that has been bombed. Given the horrors that Wilson furthered through his unwanted entry into WWI and his participation in the appalling Treaty of Versailles proceedings, this seems like a very fitting tribute. Wilson was one of the worst presidents this country has seen. From the income tax to the creation of the unconstitutional Federal Reserve, to the direct election of senators and the horrible WWI and the foundation it laid for the mass slaughters of the 20th century, the Wilson administration shows very clearly just how America got to such a horrible place as they are in now.

Chris Bieber Says:

2011-09-21 14:10:16

A most embarrassing alumnus ... helped destroy the American Republic and our constitutional republican form of government ... looks very Soviet .... or like the Gates of Mordor in Lord of the Rings.

James Pizzadili Says:

2011-09-21 14:32:41

Looks like a vision of hell, perfectly appropriate for Wilson.

Doug Farris Says:

2011-09-21 16:07:57

It looks like my 401K after the Federal Reserve Wilson started has taken its share through inflation.

John George Archer Says:

2011-09-22 03:34:17

Edgy. Wilson's idea of Soft-Diplomacy.

David Calderwood Says:

2011-09-22 08:55:58

Surely some enterprising EE student will figure out how to project the image of a giant Lidless Eye between two of the structures. Sometimes it's eerie how perfectly an artist can capture the essence of his subject and have it echo through the pop culture of succeeding generations.
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