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Oct.†26, 2011

Vol. 112, No. 3

Memorial gardenís message

In response to: Video - The view from above

By James R. Schueler ’66

Published in the October†26, 2011 issue

Princeton’s Sept. 11 Memorial Garden (video posted at PAW Online) is a beautiful garden, and it reminds us that love is a stronger emotion than hate. I’m sure that Princetonians who lost their lives on 9-11-2001 would want us to enjoy it, just as they would enjoy it if...

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PAW and self-published books

By David Paton ’52

Published in the October†26, 2011 issue

This spring, I was excited in purchasing an advertisement for my recently published memoir in PAW, lured by the statement that it would reach 65,000 Princeton readers.† A close friend, Philip Hummer ’53, asked if I would object to his request that my work be considered for a...

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The end of the Afghan story

In response to: A Moment With...

By Steve Robin ’59

Published in the October†26, 2011 issue

It is just a bit scary to hear our ambassador, Ryan Crocker *85, as optimistic as he is over our exit strategy in Afghanistan (A Moment With, Sept. 14). Our aim when we went in there was narrow, but grew under the misguided notion that we could change the political culture of...

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Protect free association

In response to: Freshmen to be prohibited from fraternities, sororities

By Reed M. Benet ’84

Published in the October†26, 2011 issue

Hopefully the 10-year anniversary of 9/11 (the apt theme of the Sept. 14 issue of PAW) teaches us that there are more important things to focus on than threatening Princeton freshmen with suspension or worse if they exercise their right of free association by joining ...

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Improving faculty diversity

In response to: 10 professors join faculty

By Paul Kurzman ’60

Published in the October†26, 2011 issue

I was pleased to read the article featuring the 10 new full professors that Princeton recently appointed (Campus Notebook, Sept. 14). However, I was both surprised and dismayed to see that all but one of them were men. In the excellent interview with President Tilghman in the...

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