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Nov.†16, 2011

Vol. 112, No. 4

For the record

Published in the November†16, 2011 issue

The Oct. 26 feature story about Outdoor Action misstated the number of student trip leaders this year. There were 233.

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Caring for abused tigers

In response to: Saving tigers in the wild

By Susannah Kury Hughes ’91

Published in the November†16, 2011 issue

PAW published a letter Feb. 9 calling for conservation efforts to sustain and increase the wild-tiger population, which is close to extinction. I would also like to encourage care for abandoned and abused domestic tigers. Unfortunately, many exotic big cats are held in ...

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Competency in education

In response to: A Moment With...

By John H. Chang ’60 *67 p’87 p’94

Published in the November†16, 2011 issue

Over the years I have found PAW to†be a rich source for continuous learning. Having embarked late in life on teaching as my third career, I looked forward to learning from “A Moment With Michelle Shearer ’95, on teaching” (Oct. 5). I was intrigued that as national teacher of...

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Gauging Princetonís impact

In response to: President's Page

By Richard C. Orth Jr. ’59

Published in the November†16, 2011 issue

It is evident, especially in the last few years, that change often is more negative rather than positive. Clearly, President Tilghman is outlining the steps to be taken for incoming students, faculty et al. to have a positive educational and social growth experience at...

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Plaudits for Hessler í92

By Wendy Weisend Kuran ’79

Published in the November†16, 2011 issue

Hooray for Peter Hessler ’92 and his MacArthur fellowship (Weekly Blog post, Sept. 21)! He is the best travel writer I have ever read since writing my senior thesis on “British Travel Literature in the 1930s” with Sam Hynes more than 30 years ago. John McPhee ’53 transformed...

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