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Mar. 7, 2012

Vol. 112, No. 8

Alumni Scene
Allison Arkell Stockman ’96 will direct “Metamorphoses,” opening May 3 in Washington, D.C.

The D.C. theater scene

Published in the Mar. 7, 2012, issue

About a decade after graduating from Princeton, Allison Arkell Stock­man ’96 was teaching and directing high school theater in the suburbs of Washington, D.C. But she had visions of a bigger stage. She quit, took short-term jobs for a year, and then...Read more
Sam Ritchie ’09

STARTING OUT: Sam Ritchie ’09

Published in the Mar. 7, 2012, issue

Software engineer for Twitter in San Francisco. Princeton major: mechanical and aerospace engineering.  What he does: Ritchie is part of a team at Twitter that is developing a tool — Twitter web analytics — that will allow users to find out details about...Read more
Laird Hayes ’71


Published in the Mar. 7, 2012, issue

LAIRD HAYES ’71, above, made the biggest call of his career when — acting as side judge during Super Bowl XLVI — he ruled that Giants receiver Mario Manningham completed a catch late in the fourth quarter. Hayes, a retired instructor and college coach, has...Read more
Susan Cain ’89

Reading Room: The power of introverts

Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking, by Susan Cain ’89

Published in the Mar. 7, 2012, issue

In American culture today, people tend to admire the outgoing individual who would rather talk than listen, makes quick decisions, and is drawn to the spotlight. Meanwhile, we undervalue traits associated with the introvert — the quiet thinker who is...Read more

New Releases by Alumni

Published in the Mar. 7, 2012, issue

A senior fellow and curator of art and artifacts at the Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University, ROBERT MCCRACKEN PECK ’74 and co-author Patricia Tyson Stroud trace the history of the 200-year-old natural history museum and research institute in A...Read more
New books & media

Enigmas of Identity

Published in the Mar. 7, 2012, issue

(Princeton University Press) Brooks examines aspects of the emergence of identity, showing how people continuously search for their own. He addresses social, legal, and personal anxieties provoked by the rise of individualism and selfhood in...Read more

Showcasing the Great Experiment: Cultural Diplomacy & Western Visitors to the Soviet Union, 1921-1941

Published in the Mar. 7, 2012, issue

(Oxford University Press) Using archival records of agencies that helped craft the international image of communism, David-Fox shows how the Soviet Union’s attempts to promote the Bolshevik experiment abroad shaped, and were shaped by, the...Read more

An Educated Man: A Dual Biography of Moses and Jesus

Published in the Mar. 7, 2012, issue

(Counterpoint) This book roots the biographies of Moses and Jesus in their historical contexts, charging that they were both educated men, steeped in literature and scholarship. Rosenberg is a lecturer in creative writing and the Lewis Center...Read more

Peanuts and Crackerjacks: A Baseball Novel

Published in the Mar. 7, 2012, issue

(McFarland) In this novel, a pitching coach for a major league team in Buffalo discovers that baseball has changed in ways that parallel our constantly evolving society. Ribalow is the artistic director of New River Dramatists, and a poet,...Read more

The Reactionary Mind: Conservatism from Edmund Burke to Sarah Palin

Published in the Mar. 7, 2012, issue

(Oxford University Press) What is conservatism today? Corey Robin attempts to answer this question, explaining that conservatism has a strong intellectual lineage, but he argues that the “right” has always been united by a defense of inequality and...Read more
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