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Mar. 21, 2012

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Alumni Scene
Woodrow Wilson Award winner Robert Mueller III ’66

ALUMNI DAY 2012: Honorees Jackson *86, Mueller ’66 describe their paths to public service

Published in the Mar. 21, 2012, issue

Each of Alumni Day’s top alumni honorees dreamed of becoming doctor, but FBI director Robert Mueller III ’66 and Environmental Protection Agency administrator Lisa P. Jackson *86 ended up on very different paths. In campus addresses Feb. 25, they talked...Read more
William Gleason

Heard at Alumni Day

Published in the Mar. 21, 2012, issue

“There are studies of digital reading that suggest parents might inadvertently impede reading when they read digital books with their kids – instead of talking about content, they direct the child to ‘click here.’” — English professor William Gleason,...Read more
Four graduate students received the Univer­sity’s highest honor for graduate students, the JACOBUS FELLOWSHIP, which supports the final year of study. Above, from left:

Students earn top University honors

Published in the Mar. 21, 2012, issue

RICHARD BALIBAN, chemical and biological engineering. Described by his dissertation adviser, Professor Christodoulos Floudas, as a brilliant researcher with “amazing computational and theoretical ability,” Baliban plans a career in alternative-energy...Read more

Easy rider

Published in the Mar. 21, 2012, issue

Alumni got a taste of one of Princeton’s most unusual freshman seminars: “The Art and Science of Motorcycle Design,” in which students overhauled a 1963 Triumph Tiger Cub. Alumni were not able to take the bike for a spin, though Michael Littman, the...Read more

Volunteer Award Winners:

Published in the Mar. 21, 2012, issue

The CLASS OF 1986 received the Class of 1926 Trophy for raising $9,001,986 — the largest total ever — in celebration of its 25th reunion • FREDERICK G. STROBEL ’74 received the Harold H. Helm Award for ­sustained service to Annual Giving • The Jerry Horton...Read more
Keija Parssinen ’03

Reading Room: Keija Parssinen ’03

Third-generation expatriate explores Saudi culture

Published in the Mar. 21, 2012, issue

An American who was born in Saudi Arabia and spent her first 12 years in “the Kingdom,” as she refers to it, Keija Parssinen ’03 has deep ties to the country and its people. Her mother grew up there, and her father and grandfather worked for the Arabian...Read more

New Releases by Alumni

Published in the Mar. 21, 2012, issue

The Plazas of New Mexico (Trinity University Press), ­edited by STEFANOS POLYZOIDES ’69 *72 and Chris Wilson, with contemporary photography by Miguel Gandert, explores the history and cultural heritage of New Mexico’s plazas and squares in the context of...Read more
Singer-songwriter Anthony D’Amato ’10 is working on his fourth album.

ANTHONY D’AMATO ’10: On stage with the Boss

Published in the Mar. 21, 2012, issue

In January, Anthony D’Amato ’10 played an acoustic set at a fundraiser in Asbury Park, N.J., that featured Bruce Springsteen. For the finale, the Boss invited all the performers to join him on stage for rousing renditions of “Twist and Shout” and “Thunder...Read more

STARTING OUT: Gavin Byrnes ’11

Published in the Mar. 21, 2012, issue

Client analyst for Decision Lens, a Washington, D.C. company that develops software to help organizations make decisions. Princeton major: math. What he does: Byrnes works with professional sports teams. For hockey teams, for example, he designs software...Read more
Charles Rosen ’48 *51


Published in the Mar. 21, 2012, issue

Pianist and music scholar CHARLES ROSEN ’48 *51, top right, and historian TEOFILO RUIZ *74 were awarded 2011 National Humanities Medals at the White House in February. Rosen was chosen “for his rare ability to join artistry to the history of culture and...Read more
New books & media

Courts of Common Reason: Awakening the Spirit of 1776 to Form a More Perfect Union

Published in the Mar. 21, 2012, issue

(Belcrest Press) In this work, DeLong uses new historical evidence on the American Revolution to redefine it from a 21st century vantage point. In addition to a thorough philosophical analysis of the Revolution, the author presents a model...Read more

Cybernetic Revolutionaries: Technology and Politics in Allende’s Chile

Published in the Mar. 21, 2012, issue

(MIT Press) In this book, Medina examines the history of two connecting utopian visions. She first investigates the political one, Chile’s experiment with socialist change under Salvador Allende. Then she looks at the technological one, the building of a...Read more

History’s Shadow

Published in the Mar. 21, 2012, issue

(Nazraeli Press) This monograph contains photographs of x-rays from museum archives, documenting the artifacts’ histories by revealing what cannot be seen with the naked eye. The resulting photographs appear ghostly, allowing for an...Read more

The Letters of Sylvia Beach

Published in the Mar. 21, 2012, issue

(Columbia University Press) This book contains the first collection of Sylvia Beach’s letters, which show the day-to-day details of running a famous bookstore (Shakespeare and Company in Paris) and of being a publisher (notably, the first one of James...Read more

A Common Justice: The Legal Alliances of Christians and Jews Under Early Islam

Published in the Mar. 21, 2012, issue

(University of Pennsylvania Press) In this book, Simonsohn focuses on Christian and Jewish legal behavior, while under the authority of Muslims, during the late seventh to early 11th centuries in the region spanning from Iraq to what is now...Read more
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