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Inbox 2008-2009

For the record

Published in the September24, 2008 issue

A memorial for Joseph A. Fischer ’48 in the May 14 issue of PAW omitted a survivor. He is survived by his daughter, Marianne Fischer, as well as his wife, Irene, and his son, Joseph ’73.

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From the archives: 1946

In response to: From The Archives

By Henry Fish ’48

Published in the September24, 2008 issue

Having started in Princeton in September 1945 and graduated in June 1948, I believe I recognize two persons in the June 11 From the Archives photo. The man drinking the beer in the left foreground has to be Connie Hunter ’48, the ubiquitous trumpet player around sporting events,...

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A false contrast

In response to: Identity Politics

By James P. Mayes ’74

Published in the September24, 2008 issue

It was refreshing to see the article on Randall Kennedy ’77 (cover story, April 2). I have a few observations. I recently wrote an entry on the identity of African-Americans for the Encyclopedia on Race and Crime. African-American identity is even more complex than Kennedy...

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Dealing with alcohol abuse, addiction

In response to: President's page

By John W. Minton Jr. ’50

Published in the September24, 2008 issue

In 1946 I arrived on the Princeton campus, carrying one suitcase and my golf clubs. By 10 p.m., I was well on my way to getting drunk. I doubt that the drinking environment at Princeton, after a dozen hours in residence, had anything to do with this. My point is that 62 years...

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Attacking alcohol abuse

In response to: President's page

By Archie Conn ’62

Published in the September24, 2008 issue

The President’s Page description (June 11) of the Alcohol Coalition Committee presents a long-neededresponse to a problem affecting campus life and individual students for years. Professor Sanjeev Kulkarni and the co-chairwoman, Agatha Offorjebe ’09, took courageous steps in...

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