Current Issue

Apr.25, 2012

Vol. 112, No. 11


Princeton Alumni Weekly delivers 65,000 educated, affluent, influential readers…

Reader Profile
Male/Female 76%/24%
Median Age 46

Household Income
$75,000 or more 74%
$100.000 or more 61%
$300,000 or more 20%

Household Net Worth
Total HH Net Worth $500,000 65%
Total HH Asset Value $1-2 Million 20%
Total HH Asset Value $2 Million + 30%

…who have a life-long bond with ‘their’ magazine.

Our readers rely on the magazine as a vital link to the University and their peers. Advertisers have a unique opportunity to reach faithful, engaged readers in an environment of unparalleled trust and respect.

• 85% of our readers read or look through all issues.
• 77% read the display advertisements.
• 26% have purchased an advertised product or service.
• 91% have traveled domestically for pleasure or work.
• 49% have utilized a financial services company.