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Apr. 25, 2012

Vol. 112, No. 11

For the record

Published in the April 25, 2012 issue

A story on Alumni Day in the March 21 issue misstated the length of Robert Mueller III ’66’s service in Vietnam. He was in the Marines for three years and in Vietnam for one year. The March 21 cover story on the Ghost Army incorrectly reported the time span between D-Day and...

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Seeking survey help


Published in the April 25, 2012 issue

Social scientists at Princeton University need your help. Take the following survey and be part of the social-science process at Princeton. We are doing research on public attitudes toward American foreign policy. Help us by taking the following brief (seven- to 10-minute) ...

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Outside compensation

In response to: Corporate boards add to college presidents’ earnings


Published in the April 25, 2012 issue

I was very disappointed to see that chart of Ivy League presidents’ corporate board participation (Campus Notebook, March 7). President Tilghman is comfortably near the top, while four of her colleagues abstain from the practice, presumably for ethical reasons. When I first...

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Michael Pratt’s musicians

In response to: Pratt sets tempo for 35 years as musical performance thrives


Published in the April 25, 2012 issue

In the spring of 1994, fraternal bonds overcame collegiate ones, and I reluctantly advised my brother that as an aspiring classical musician, his performance opportunities would be better at Yale than at Princeton. He listened, chose the former over the latter, and,...

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The price of entitlements

In response to: Obama budget proposal would mean big cuts for PPPL


Published in the April 25, 2012 issue

It is disheartening, but not surprising, that President Obama’s FY2013 budget would slash $10 million (12 percent) from the Princeton Plasma Physics Lab budget (Campus Notebook, March 21). The lab is part of “discretionary” spending. Today “entitlements” devour almost 60 ...

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