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June6, 2012

Vol. 112, No. 14

The idea of the computer

In response to: Daybreak of the Digital Age

By JOHN L. HINES JR. ’77 p’09 p’12

Published in the June6, 2012 issue

It was interesting to learn in “Daybreak of the digital age” that Princeton’s John von Neumann elected to forgo patent claims on the computer he and his team designed that launched the computer revolution. Princeton should use the centennial anniversary of Alan Turing *38’s ...

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Debating illegal immigration: Alumni weigh in

In response to: Crisis Contrived

Published in the June6, 2012 issue

The April 25 cover story on sociology professor Douglas Massey *78 and his 30 years of research into Mexican immigration drew a large number of letters to the editor and comments posted at PAW Online.

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Drug laws an injustice

In response to: Perspective


Published in the June6, 2012 issue

The April 25 issue had stories about a number of remarkable alumni, but I was particularly impressed by Benjamin West ’01, whose work as a public defender in New York City is truly “in the nation’s service” (Perspective). He highlighted the gross racial disparities in how our...

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Questions about Greek policy

In response to: Tough penalties suggested for frosh-rush ban violators


Published in the June6, 2012 issue

I was not in a fraternity at Princeton, and as far as I know, nobody in my extended family has ever been a member of one, either. Greek organizations were starting to reestablish themselves on campus during my undergraduate years, and I wasn’t happy to see them. That said,...

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From the Archives

In response to: From The Archives


Published in the June6, 2012 issue

Re From the Archives (April 25): This is from spring 1982 in front of 1915 Hall. It was the only all-male dorm on campus at that time, and these are some of the residents. From the foreground moving back, the sunbathers are Kent Ertugrul ’85, Dave Ramsay ’85, Pete Stebbins...

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