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July 11, 2012

Vol. 112, No. 15

Alumni Scene

New Releases by Alumni

In the memoir Over Time: My Life as a Sportswriter (Atlantic Monthly Press), FRANK DEFORD ’61 recounts his early days at Sports Illustrated, his decision to become editor-in-chief of The National Sports Daily, and stories of the athletes he covered, including...Read more

Reading Room: Paula Fredriksen *79

The changing notions of sin

Sin can seem like an antiquated concept in the contemporary world, Paula Fredriksen *79 writes in her new book. Yet, she notes, it still holds a prominent place in the public imagination. “Sin is one of those concepts that is in our genetic material in...Read more
Daniel Kaplan *82


DANIEL KAPLAN *82 was one of four New Jersey secondary school teachers honored at Princeton’s Commencement. Kaplan, who earned a doctorate in physics, teaches physics at Matawan Regional High School. ... Scholastic Parent & Child magazine named first lady...Read more

Starting Out: Theresa Laverty ’10

Research assistant studying mountain ­gorillas in the Bwindi Impenetrable National Park in Uganda for the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthro­pology. Princeton major: ecology and evolutionary biology.  What she does: Laverty spends 15 to 20 days...Read more
José Quiñonez *98 creates lending circles.

Loans for immigrants

José Quiñonez *98

José Quiñonez *98 is a different kind of loan officer. His clients are primarily low-income immigrants with little or no access to credit from traditional banking institutions. His loans come with no fees or interest payments; clients borrow from each...Read more
New books & media

Ordinary Radicals: Portraits of Lives Changed by the Sixties

(eBook, Amazon) In this book, Dippel follows the lives of eight members of his generation whose lives were transformed by what they experienced during the 1960s. While much is known about the public events that spurred the youthful revolt of the era, Dippel...Read more

The Wagner Complex

(Free Scholar Press) Artin sets forth a psychoanalytic interpretation of Wagner’s Ring, focusing on the genesis and meaning of The Ring, but also exploring the Zeitgeist in whose atmosphere Wagner’s operatic creations and Freud’s psychological speculations...Read more

The Facebook IPO Primer

( Miller gathers together stories and analysis to help readers learn everything they need to know about Facebook’s debut on the stock market. This book covers the ups and downs of high technology stocks, the Facebook culture and business plan, and...Read more

Zoe Gets Ready

(Scholastic) This illustrated children’s book follows a little girl’s decision about what to wear. Zoe goes through seven outfits, each one suited for a different adventure, but ultimately there is only one set of clothes in which Zoe is ready for anything....Read more
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