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Apr. 23, 2014

Vol. 114, No. 11

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Peter and Rosemary Grant sit in a cave on Daphne Major Island in 2004. The cave generally was used for cooking; here, Peter is shown measuring the beak of a finch.

The People Who Saw Evolution

After 40 years of research on Darwin’s finches, Peter and Rosemary Grant have written their valediction

By Joel Achenbach ’82

Peter and Rosemary Grant are members of a very small scientific tribe: people who have seen evolution happen right before their eyes. For the...

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Professor Michael Graziano ’89 *96 sometimes begins lectures by doing ventriloquism with his puppet, Kevin, which can lead listeners to think that Kevin has awareness.

In Our Heads

Professor Michael Graziano ’89 *96 develops a new theory of what it means to be conscious

By Mark F. Bernstein ’83

Michael Graziano ’89 *96, an associate professor of psychology at Princeton, has proposed a new answer to an age-old question: What creates that...

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Most people go to the theater because it makes them happy, but musicals, Tamsen Wolff says, are as much about danger as they are about joy.

Musical Theater: Danger as Well as Joy

Musical theater expresses our struggles for community, says Tamsen Wolff

By Eveline Chao ’02

The halls are alive with the sound of music ­— the halls of McCosh, that is. That’s where Professor Tamsen Wolff teaches a course on the history of...

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Michael Norton *02 offers practical ways for people to improve their lives.

Michael Norton *02: Want to Smile More?

Give your money away, build your own table, and make chocolate a ritual

By Graham Meyer ’01

Research has shown that more money leads to only slightly more satisfaction with life. “It doesn’t have as big an impact as we sometimes think,”...

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A single-stream recycling program developed by Misha Semenov ’15 and Olivia Howard ’15 is being rolled out across campus.

Greening Princeton: A Midterm Report

University says it expects to meet sustainability goals

By Dorian Rolston ’10

In February 2008, Princeton University adopted an ambitious set of environmental goals 2020. Envisioning the campus as a “living laboratory”...

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Are Grades Too High?

Alumni views on decade-long policy sought as A’s soar across the country

By Paula Wasley ’97

As a faculty committee continues its review of the University’s grading policy, alumni and others in the Princeton community can weigh in on the...

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