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Mar.4, 2015

Vol. 115, No. 8

Cover Story
Bruce Ribner ’66

When the Call Came

Bruce Ribner ’66 had been preparing for the day he’d be needed to treat a deadly outbreak of disease. The day arrived — and the disease was Ebola

By Mark F. Bernstein ’83

The phone call that woke Dr. Bruce Ribner ’66 in the middle of the night last August was one he had been expecting for more than a decade. On the...

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Rising Costs, More Aid

Tuition and fees to rise 3.9 percent; total annual expenses to top $60,000

By Allie Wenner

Under the University’s 2015–16 budget, the annual cost of a Princeton education will top $60,000 for the first time, but more money is being set...

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‘Old North’ In Pictures

Early photographers captured Nassau Hall, along with now-gone campus landmarks

By W. Barksdale Maynard ’88

Photos from the Princeton University Archives

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Four local landmarks, from left: 2-year-old Holder Tower, the triangular Stuart Hall tower at the Princeton Theological Seminary (since removed), the round dome of Halsted Observatory, and the seminary’s Brown Hall cupola — the last two dating from the 1860s.

Viewing a Century of Change

By W. Barksdale Maynard ’88, with photos from the Princeton University Archives and by Ricardo Barros

A hundred years ago, Princeton University had about 1,400 students, 170 faculty members, and a small staff. There were fewer than 60 buildings....

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“Computers quickly can accomplish things that once would have taken an entire career to do.” — English professor Meredith Martin

Q&A: Meredith Martin, From Books to Bytes

Uniting computing and humanities at the new Center for Digital Humanities

By Eveline Chao ’02

Digital humanities is a new field at the intersection of computing and humanities that has provided scholars with a host of new tools. By searching...

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Bill Bradley ’65 and the Tigers faced Michigan in the 1965 semifinals.

Oral History: March Memories

Princeton’s 1965 Final Four team recalls a magical run, five decades later

By Brett Tomlinson

In December and January, PAW spoke with members of the 1964–65 Princeton men’s basketball team about the Tigers’ Final Four season. It was a team...

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When a park is filled with people, “it becomes impossible for bad guys to do what they used to do there,” Dan Biederman ’75 says.

Dan Biederman ’75: Parks and Recreation

A $5 million revitalization effort brings Zumba and movie nights to a once barren park

By Jessica Lander ’10

When Dan Biederman ’75 first walked through Military Park in downtown Newark, N.J., his eyes did not linger on the withered grass, graffitied ...

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