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Apr.22, 2015

Vol. 115, No. 11

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Polo team members in the stable of the Frenchtown, N.J., riding facility where they practice — back row, from left: Arthur MacWaters ’18, David Esterlit ’18, Alexander Sen ’16, postdoc Nikolas Weissmueller; center, from left: Emily Esser ’18, Valeria Ibarcena ’17, Carolina Salazar ’18; seated, from left: Dawn Wang ’15, Frank Jiang ’17

Ride Like a Centaur, Win Like a Tiger

Polo Makes a Comeback

By David Walter ’11

When the Princeton and Yale men’s polo teams faced each other in New Haven in February, it would have been natural to cast Princeton as the lovable...

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More From the April 22 Issue
Scientists pose in October at McMurdo Station, the largest Antarctic research center, where they were preparing for the launch of SPIDER, an instrument that would gather data that could shed light on the origins of the universe. Physicist William C. Jones ’98, the team leader, is fourth from left.

How It All Began

For half a century Princetonians have studied the history of the universe, but the past year was among the most exciting yet.

By Mark Alpert ’82

The year 2015 started with very good news for Princeton professors and graduate students who specialize in cosmology, the study of the origin and...

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“Those of us who are trying to promote diversity on this campus are doing so because we believe it will make us better.” — Deborah Prentice, dean of the faculty

Forging Faculty Diversity

Initiatives include commitment of funds for up to 20 hires to support inclusivity

By Allie Wenner

The University is committing funds to support as many as 15 to 20 new hires that diversify the faculty — one of several initiatives announced in...

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Student Dispatch: Cookies, Wings, and Ramen Noodles — The Tale of a Free-Food Forager

By Kevin Cheng ’17

It’s a Tuesday night, and hundreds of students have lined up in Mathey Common Room in anticipation of a perk of Princeton student life: ...

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Professor Jennifer Widner has created a library of practical tips on addressing knotty governmental challenges.

International Affairs: Reform School

Jennifer Widner gathers case studies of problem-solving in developing countries

By Merrell Noden ’78

Developing countries face all sorts of practical questions: What is the best way to improve policing? Should a new form of government be ...

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Chris Moore *10 is the Cubs’ director of research and development.

Chris Moore *10: Algorithms in the Field

A neuroscientist brings his knack for data analysis to a long-suffering ballclub

By Brett Tomlinson

As a Ph.D. student at Princeton, Chris Moore *10 developed algorithms to help researchers understand how the brain works. Today, he applies the...

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Alejandro Zaera-Polo

Former Dean Speaks Out about His Resignation

By W. Raymond Ollwerther ’71

Five months after abruptly stepping down as dean of the School of Architecture, Alejandro Zaera-Polo issued a public statement in March about his...

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