Current Issue

Feb.3, 2016

Vol. 116, No. 7


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  1. How do I subscribe to PAW?
  2. Where do I send a change of address?
  3. My spouse and I are both alumni. Can we get just one copy of PAW addressed to both of us?
  4. How can I get advertising information or place an ad?
  5. Are back issues of PAW available?
  6. Who is on the PAW staff, and what are their responsibilities?
  7. I’d like to know more about PAW’s mission, history, and relationship with the University.
  8. Do Princeton students have any role with PAW?
  9. How can I submit an item for Class Notes?
  10. How can I submit information for a memorial?
  11. How do I submit a letter to the editor?
  12. To whom should I submit a book, CD, or DVD to be mentioned in PAW?
  13. What are your guidelines for writers?
  14. How can I get a copy of a photo that was published in PAW?
  15. What is PAW's corrections policy?