ANDY DIED Dec. 6, 1992, in NYC. As an associate professor of English at Hofstra Univ., he received an N.E.H. fellowship in 1990. He was also co-director of the Summer Writer's Conference, director of the composition program, and deputy editor of TWENTIFTH CENTURY LITEPKFURE, a scholarly journal. He had written articles on Charles Dickens, John Keats, Marianne Moore, and Ezra Pound. We can well agree with the obituary in (Long Island) NEWSDAY, which reported that "He was a gifted, versatile and well-prepared teacher, who gave a lot of time to his students and his colleagues, and who was exceptional for his warmth and generosity. His just finished but not yet published book on Marianne Moore will have profound effects on his Field."

Andy's thesis at Princeton was on Ezra Pound. Andy was on the track team, where he had many friends. His roommates were Jed Faroe, Dale Hagstrom, Richard Jensen, Jeff Power, and John Schnedeker. Another close friend was Chris Monroe. Together they established the tradition of the semiannual spring picnic. We will miss him this year.

Andy is survived by his parents, Andrew Sr. and Christina and by his brother, James, and James's family.

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