Bob came to Princeton from Dover (N.J.) Senior High School. He majored in psychology, and was a member of Dial Lodge. Bob’s roommates included Art Carey and John Ulam. News of his death led Art (in Philadelphia) and John (in Atlanta) to reminisce about “all the good times we had at PU, and about [Bob’s] good sense of humor, his intellectual curiosity, his trendy fashion sense, and his penchant for dating the most beautiful women,” said John.  

Bob built a successful career as an applications psychologist in the Denver, Colo., area, with particular involvement in the airline industry and professional sports, as well as a family practice. His memorial in the Denver Post paid tribute to his “generous spirit and brilliant mind,” and noted that he “enjoyed a variety of outdoor activities including mountain biking and hiking, along with weight training and the pursuit of psychological research and the study of brain psychology.”  

He is survived by his mother, Marion; his brother, Jim; his sister, Maureen; and his niece and nephew, Christina and Matthew. To those family members, Bob’s teammates, and his many friends and admirers, the class offers its profound condolences.

Undergraduate Class of 1972