Bob Leggett died Sept. 13, 2004, in Columbus, Ohio, after a valiant battle with cancer.

Born in Columbia, Miss., Bob graduated from Glenville High School in Cleveland, Ohio. At Princeton he was active in baseball, lightweight football, karate, track, and the soul singing group Ebony Groove. He graduated with honors in electrical engineering.

After earning an MBA from Northwestern's Kellogg Business School in 1974, Bob worked in corporate finance and management posts in Ohio and Michigan. In 1990 he was named vice president of the Futurevest program at National City Bank in Cleveland, managing external communications, financial relationships, and long-term strategic planning.

Bob's brother, Christopher '82, of Duluth, Ga., wrote: "He meant everything to me. He was my mentor, motivator, and best friend. He represented my living example of uncompromising dedication to the very idea of excellence. He brought me to Princeton in 1968 when I was 8 years old. That was the origin of my love for the University."

Bob is also survived by his wife, Shawn Denise Leggett; sons Vermaine, Vernon, Robert, and Sean; his mother Ethel Leggett; sisters Carol, Mary, Linda, Gwendolyn, Rosebud, Sandra, Joyce, and Shiree; and many other relatives. To them, and to Bob's many friends, the class sends sincere condolences.

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