During the unsettled times of our underclass years, some members left because of academic or disciplinary reasons. Others joined the armed forces because of the Korean conflict. But Bill departed at the end of sophomore year and enrolled at Harvard. News of Bill’s death, but only the date, April 18, 2001, has just reached us from Princeton’s Alumni Records office.

Bill came from the Belmont Hill School and roomed freshman year with his Belmont Hill classmate, Dave Grozier. Glenn Paxton met Bill when Bill was trying out for the Freshman Glee Club and Glenn was the pianist for those auditioning. Bill made it, as well as the Varsity Glee Club the next year. Glenn and Monte Wallace had planned to room together sophomore year and were pleased when Bill and Grozier joined them in a four-man suite.  

Dave died more than 50 years ago, but Glenn and Monte were kind and helpful in remembering Bill’s college characteristics: personable, relaxed, and not a super student. Monte also recalled that he heard Bill had married and later divorced. With those who may survive him, we sympathize on his passing.

Undergraduate Class of 1953