Acceptable File Formats:

• PDF files (PDF/x-1a preferred)

• Photoshop image-file formats including TIFF, EPS, and JPEG (high quality)

• Other formats may be acceptable but should be approved in advance by advertising director.

Line Screen: 150 pi


• Fonts must be embedded in supplied PDF.

• Do not use menu-styled fonts — this is when a plain, or roman, font is made italic or bold by selecting the italic or bold font-styling in the palette or menu of the application.


• Images must be linked and updated. Embed images for PDF and EPS documents.

• Do not scale images to more than 120% in layout application.

• Effective resolution of CMYK/grayscale/duotone images should be 300 dpi(plus or minus 20%).

• Effective resolution of line-art graphics should be between 600 and 1200 dpi, placed at 100% or smaller.


• Specify four-color process colors (CMYK). Convert RGB colors and spot colors to CMYK. If colors are left to be automatically converted to CMYK by the page-layout application or print house, they will be converted at advertiser’s risk.

• Avoid very heavy black. Colors in the document palette (and in images) should not exceed 300 in total ink coverage (i.e., the sum total of C, M, Y, K values).

Production Notes:

• BLEED: Add a minimum of 1/4 in. (.25) bleed on all sides for content that extends to page-trim edge. If turning on crop marks during output to PDF, be sure to offset the crop marks from the page edge a minimum of 1/4”.

• SAFETY: Allow 1/4 in. (.25) clearance on all sides from the page-trim size to all page elements inside the trim area.


40 lb. Influence matte; Cover: 100 lb. Influence matte

Download the full list of ad specifications