Princeton alums, what are you doing to make Princeton more Native friendly? You are losing qualified applicants to Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard. My sister went to Cornell. Princeton turned me down (it was my first choice) but Columbia took me.

If you Google “Native Americans” and “Princeton” you get this article, plus a link to the Native American Club at Princeton. The last activity appears to be from 2005-6.

Less than 1% of Native youth even go to college. Fewer graduate. Native graduates have decreased, unlike other minority groups.

What are you doing in terms of outreach to make yourself attractive to the Native population? Maybe you don’t want to bother, and that’s fine; we’ll just go to Cornell and Stanford and Harvard.

I looked at many schools and I thought Princeton was wonderful. It has unique strengths and culture within the Ivies/elites.

It’s sad to see you cutting an entire minority group out of consideration.

Lee Knott