It’s great to see Oswald Veblen and his Princeton colleagues recognized for their career- and life-saving efforts on behalf of threatened scholars of the 1930s. Alums can be proud that their work continues to this day: Princeton is a member of the Scholars at Risk Network (SAR), joining more than 500 institutions in 40 countries offering aid to scholars fleeing war, conflict, repression, discrimination, and extremism. Since 2000, SAR members have helped create positions for more than 1,000 scholars.

But demand continues to grow. We have more than 700 scholars on our lists currently seeking help. We need more universities like Princeton and more scholars and alumni like Veblen to share their time, resources, and networks for today’s scholars. What Veblen knew remains true now — in our numbers is the power to save lives and to safeguard tomorrow’s great ideas. (Scholars at Risk Network:

Rob Quinn ’88, executive director, Scholars at Risk Network
Brooklyn, N.Y.