Bill was born in Seattle, attended the Lakeside School, and then returned in 1971 to spend his career and his life there.

He started Princeton with the Class of 1958, but left to spend two years in the Army defending New York City at a Nike missile base and became an expert rifleman. Back at Princeton as a pre-med student, he joined our class as well as Charter and the Veterans Club. Bill excelled in his medical studies, both at Princeton and at Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons, where he did six years of surgical residency after earning a medical degree.

Back in Seattle, Bill became the first board-certified colon and rectal surgeon in the state and went on to do pioneering work in colonoscopy, outpatient surgery, and laser surgery. He published and lectured extensively. He also developed and helped to commercialize occult-blood screening technologies widely used in colon and rectal cancer screenings and thereby became active in venture capital. Bill was a keen gardener and landscaper, pursuits favored by Seattle’s climate, and loved boating on Lake Washington.

Bill was predeceased by his wife, Linda. He is survived by two daughters and five grandchildren, to whom we extend our sympathy.

Undergraduate Class of 1960