In Response to: Digging for History

The Princeton Battlefield Society salutes Professors Rachel DeLue and Nathan Arrington '02 and the Humanities Council on their outstanding BattleLab course ("Digging Into History," Jan. 9). We enthusiastically endorse this great advance for historical education and preservation at Princeton Battlefield State Park. This first BattleLab course begins a wonderful new opportunity for town-gown collaboration, in partnership with New Jersey's Division of Parks. BattleLab will greatly help improve, preserve, and interpret this national treasure site.
Archaeological opportunities abound. After years of budget cuts, so do the park's needs. Since 1970, Princeton Battlefield Society has been helping the state expand, improve, and preserve the park. Having now helped acquire nearly 15 new acres of core battlefield land -- the "second battle of Princeton" -- the Society is launching several new initiatives. This year we introduced a new tours and education program. We are currently restoring the Clarke House buildings' exteriors. We will help the state address long-deferred grounds maintenance and restoration of the iconic Colonnade. We have raised funds to remake the Clarke House into a world-class "small house" museum of the battle and its environs.
Princetonians have a unique association with Princeton Battlefield, now made even more special with BattleLab. With the nation's 250th anniversary just eight short years away, we also have a unique opportunity for further history and heritage stewardship. Princeton Battlefield Society eagerly and gratefully awaits further such significant partnering with the University.

Thomas H. Pyle '76
Treasurer, Princeton Battlefield Society
Princeton, N.J.